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    Job Posting

    Full-time Position

    Front Office/Receptionist


    The Receptionist is a non-licensed worker who has completed an on-the-job training program. The primary function of the Receptionist is to perform office-related duties.


    Performing general clerical duties as well as daily patient charges and assisting with maintaining the efficient operation of the facility.


    Must be able to accept responsibility and respect authority. Must demonstrate good judgement and common sense. Willingness to work under pressure. Must be able to accept constructive criticism. Must be able to hold in confidence medical records of all patients. Must be able to work with individuals of all ages.


    EDUCATION: Must have completed the twelfth grade level of school.

    EXPERIENCE: Background of secretary/receptionist work.

    1. Coordinates and schedules patients’ appointments.
    2. Maintains all aspects of patient medical records,
    including scheduling 30-day re-evaluations and re-
    certifications for Medicare
    3. Records daily patient charges and assists with
    4. Tracking and collection of patient’s deductibles and
    5. Performs general receptionist/secretarial duties
    such as answering phone, phone messages, filing,
    6. Processes all dictation, copies and forwards to
    referring doctor to include Medicare recerts.
    7. Any other duties as assigned by the Office Manager/
    Clinical Director.

    A. ANSWERING PHONE: Answer phone before third ring
    using a pleasant voice state "Good
    Morning/Afternoon, company name and who is
    speaking". If the person calling is trying to reach
    someone who is not available, always offer to take a
    B. NEW PATIENT: When new patients call to schedule
    appointments they should be given an appointment
    within 24-48 hours, if possible. Obtain patient's
    name, phone number, diagnosis, referring doctor,
    frequency and duration as stated on prescription and
    insurance information. Use new patient referral
    sheets to log this information. Call insurance
    company for verification of insurance, percentage of
    coverage for rehab services, deductible information
    and if this has been met and precert rehab services
    if required. If patient is workman's comp, then
    prior authorization for frequency and duration must
    be done prior to patient's first appointment. Fill
    out workman's comp authorization form, be sure and
    obtain a (employer’s name, file or claim number,
    address) mail claims and length of authorization.
    Pre-cert workman's comp if indicated by adjuster and
    log precert information on bottom of workman's comp
    authorization form so future authorization will be
    easily noted to precert.
    C. CHECKING IN PATIENTS: Greet patients upon arrival
    and provide them with a sign in sheet. Always use
    patient's name when addressing them, if possible.
    Provide new patients with patient information sheet
    and either financial or workman's comp information
    sheet. Obtain rehab prescription and copy of
    insurance cards. Make patient's chart according to
    instructions in PATIENT CHARTS. Make up charge
    ticket for therapist inputting patient's name, date
    and therapist initials. Notify appropriate office
    personnel that patient is ready to be brought back
    for treatment.
    D. CHECKING OUT PATIENTS: have designated office
    personnel discuss patient's account, insurance
    coverage and inform them of their ESTIMATED portion
    of their bill. Set up payment schedule and have
    patient sign appropriate promissory note if
    applicable. Collect patient's co-payment daily.
    Schedule patient for next appointment.
    E. SCHEDULING PATIENTS: Schedule patients on a
    weekly/daily basis for their appointment times,
    trying to accommodate work schedules when necessary.
    Inform patient if they require specific appointment
    times to schedule their appointments early for the
    coming week. When scheduling patient for the next
    weeks appointments, ask if they have a return
    appointment with their physician and write 'Letter
    to Doctor" above their name on appointment book
    prior to M.D. visit

    Additional Information
    Position Type : Part Time
    Shift : Day

    Contact Information
    Kelley Davis
    Email: kdavis@echca.org

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