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    This is a picture of the hospital in 1954.
    The History of D.W. McMillian Memorial Hospital

    D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital opened its doors in 1954 at a cost of $625,000. The opening, signaled a new era of health care services for residents of Brewton and Escambia County. Prior to its opening, health care services in the immediate area were limited to those provided by the old Escambia Hospital. Escambia Hospital encompassed remarkably limited technology for the time and there was a clear need for a higher level of care.

    D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital is named for the late, Dr. Daniel Walter McMillan. As a general practitioner, Dr. McMillan played a crucial role in medical research while extending a profound sympathy for the needy ill. It is said that it was his guiding spirit that led to the construction of D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital. Dr. McMillan also contributed financially to the building of the hospital, along with many other local individuals, businesses and civic organizations interested in making the dreams of the hospital a reality.

    When completed, the hospital included 35 beds and 16 bassinets. The building was completely air conditioned and oxygen outlets were included in all patient rooms, the nursery and surgical suites. The surgical suite was furnished with the best and latest equipment offered by manufacturers. Included were one major room, one minor room, a recovery room with an adjoining delivery room, two labor rooms, a cast room and a doctor's lounge. A clinical laboratory and x-ray room were attached and supervised by laboratory and x-ray technicians.

    Since the original construction of D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital, an additional wing was added in 1964, increasing the total number of beds to 55. In 1969, the completion of the second floor over this wing brought the total beds to 74. A combination Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care Unit was later constructed, which upon completion added eight beds, providing a total of 92 patient beds.

    At D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital, we strive to make your experience coming here - and being here - as pleasant as possible. On our website, we've provided information to help you learn more about our services, our staff and our commitment to the communities of Brewton and Escambia County, Alabama.