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The Women's Center

The Women's Center of D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital offers a wide variety of breast imaging services. Digital mammograms, breast ultra sounds, and breast core-biopsies are some of the service provided. Services are offered Monday thru Friday by appointment.

What is a mammogram?
Mammography is the process of x-raying breast tissue. Mammography is done on both women and men. Breast tissue is thick and requires compressing to flatten out those tissues. A compression paddle is applied to press out the tissues evenly. The compression is mildly uncomfortable but only lasts a few seconds. There are 2 types of mammograms - screening or diagnostic.

A screening mammogram means you're not having any breast issues such as pain and/or feel a lump. These are done annually on women over 40 years old. A screening mammogram consists of 4 images and takes 10 - 15 minutes. You will receive your results in the mail within 1-2 weeks.

A diagnostic mammogram means you're having some type of breast problem such as breast pain or you (or your doctor) feel something in your breast. The standard 4 views are taken but additional views may be required as well. The radiologist will review your images while you wait. The results will be given to you that day. A diagnostic mammogram will take a minimum of 30 minutes.

Both types of mammograms require an order from your doctor. Appointments are offered Monday thru Friday.

What to Expect
After registering at the Out Patient Registration desk you will bring your paperwork to The Women's Center is located across the hall from Radiology. Before your procedure you will be asked to complete a Breast Health form. Private dressing rooms are provided to change into a gown. Screening mammograms will take 10-15 minutes once you're taken into the exam room. Diagnostic mammograms will take at least 30 minutes. If the radiologist determines an ultra sound is needed, it can be done at that time.

Contact Information
Women's Center - 809-8125
Radiology - 809-8127