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D. W. McMillan Memorial Hospital rolls out new interior signage and wayfinding.

Brewton, AL - D. W. McMillan Memorial Hospital rolls out new interior signage and wayfinding. The project focused primarily on improvement in patient satisfaction, with a goal of making it easier for patients and their families to navigate their way around the hospital.

"Finding your way around the hospital just got a little easier," said Chris Griffin, hospital administrator. "After our recent expansion and modernization project, we wanted to be able to improve our ability to direct our patients, their families and visitors inside our hospital."

D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital recently partnered with Innerface Architectural Signage to extend the signage and wayfinding develop as part of the hospital's recent expansion and modernization project into the existing areas of the hospital. The project includes interior signage which will identify each location inside the hospital and overhead wayfinding signage which includes directional arrows to point patients and visitors in the right direction. The current interior signage and wayfinding project combined with the addition of a few smaller external sign projects will help make campus signage consistent.

"It's nice to be able to see positive progress being made," said Jason Daniel, marketing director. "Our administration is dedicated to making our hospital as good as possible for both patient and families. We want a hospital we are proud of."

Going forward you may see corner signage directing traffic to different areas of the hospital, the Brewton Medical Center along with other services on the medical campus. In the near future Surgical Associates of South Alabama building will also be getting new exterior signage, along with tnew signage on Belleville Avenue at the entrance to the Brewton Medical Center Complex.