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Dr. William Pickens, M.D. receiving a certificate for retiring


BREWTON, AL - Dr. William Pickens, M.D., board-certified in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease with Cardiology Consultants in Pensacola, Fla. retires after 34 years of serving Brewton area patients.

Dr. Pickens graduated from the University of Arkansas and University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. Pickens completed his residencies at the University of Florida - College of Medicine and the University of South Florida. He also continued his education earning a post graduate degree a the School of Aerospace Medicine in San Antonio, TX followed by a teaching fellowship were he instructed college courses. In addition to his educational background, Dr. Pickens served as a Flight Surgeon and General Medical Officer in the Air Force during the Vietnam War.

"Dr. Pickens began coming to Brewton in 1981,"said Chris Griffin, Hospital Administrator. "He has displayed a continued commitment to the cardiac needs of the patients in our community and we will miss him. We are fortune that our continued relationship with Cardiology Consultants will allow for ongoing and uninterrupted cardiology services to our community through other physicians in the group."

During his tenure in Brewton, Dr. Pickens was responsible for providing care to patients with cardiac issues, conducting stress tests, analyzing results and the development of treatment plans. He also was the primary physician seeing patients in the cardiology specialty clinic at the Brewton Medical Center.

Beginning in January, Dr. Robert Spencer with Cardiology Consultants will become the primary cardiologist for the community. In addition to Dr. Spencer, several of the other physicians with Cardiology Consultants will continue to come to Brewton to help maintain the cardiology coverage needs of the community. Dr, Spencer and his partners will begin each morning at the hospital conducting consults on inpatients, monitoring cardiac stress testing and reading EKG's. Each afternoon, they will continue to hold office visits at the specialist clinic inside the Brewton Medical Center from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.