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DW McMillan Medical Center Complete Renovation ProjectPicture of The inside of DW MCMILLAN MEDICAL CENTER and outdoor sign.
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Brewton, AL - D. W. McMillan Medical Center recently finished an interior renovation project that was the final phase for renovations for the medical center acquisition. The project focused primarily on remodeling the flooring, fresh painting throughout and adding wayfinding signage. This is in addition to noticeable outside signage that had already previously been added.

"It was definitely time for a new look and modernized furniture," said Stacy Hines, D.W. McMillan COO. "After our acquisition of the medical center, we wanted to go in and update, freshen and fix both the look and quality of waiting areas and Doctor's offices. In addition, we wanted to be able to improve our ability to direct our patients, their families and visitors inside our clinic."

Officials for the medical center used the same wayfinding scheme currently present in the hospital to continue the look and feel so many have already complimented. They partnered with Innerface Architectural Signage to extend the signage and wayfinding that was originally developed as part of the hospital's project. The project includes interior signage which will identify each location inside the medical center and overhead wayfinding signage. The current interior signage and wayfinding project combined with the addition of a few external sign projects will help make campus signage consistent.

"It's nice to be able to see positive progress being made," said Jason Daniel, Director of Marketing and Public Affairs. "Our administration is dedicated to making our medical center as comfortable and accessible as possible for both patient and families."

This project comes on the heels of D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital opening the D.W. McMillan Medical Center in August 2020. Going forward, hospital officials indicate that the medical center is currently undergoing its application for rural health status, recruiting more physicians and working with staff to improve work processes to ensure the long-term success of the clinic.