Austin Trippe has been named manager of D.W. McMillan Rehab Services. Austin Trippe - Manager of D.W. McMillan Rehab Services

August 26, 2013

BREWTON, AL - Austin Trippe has been named manager of D.W. McMillan Rehab Services. D.W. McMillan Rehab Services offers physical therapy, athletic training, and promotion of independence and healing.

"We are happy to welcome Austin to the medical community here in Brewton," Chris Griffin, D.W. McMillan Hospital administrator said. "Austin will be leading a team of skilled employees that will only help the continuum of care offered in Brewton."

Trippe joins D.W. McMillan after recently serving as the director of wellness at Evergreen Medical Center. Austin also served as the director of physical therapy at Encore Rehabilitation Services in Evergreen.

"I am excited to start my new position with D.W. McMillan Rehab Services," stated Trippe. "I am passionate about helping area citizens continue to lead independent and happy lives."

Trippe earned a bachelor's degree of pre-professional health science from the University of South Alabama. In addition, Trippe has a degree as doctor of physical therapy from the University of South Alabama. Trippe lives in Brewton with his wife, Heidi, and their children.

About D.W. McMillan Rehab Services:
The physical therapy department provides physical therapy to patients of all ages. The physical therapists help individuals return to a more active lifestyle by relieving pain, promoting healing, increasing strength and range of motion, and promoting increased independence with mobility and activities of daily living. The most common pathologies and diagnoses treated by the physical therapy department include orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, wounds and burns, pain syndromes, neurological disorders, age related de-conditioning and debilitating illnesses. For more information, call 251-809-0920.